Two Minute Tip: Know Your Audience!

Beginning in June, Now IT Matters will launch a blog series on User Experience. Each week we will feature tips on User Experience to improve Salesforce user adoption! We are excited about sharing these tips with you! 

As a little teaser, between now and June 1 we will share a few Two Minute Tips on User Experience. These are quick, practical suggestions you can begin using NOW. We'll dig into more of the meaty suggestions during our weekly blog series starting June 1. 

Our first UX Two Minute Tip is to get to know your audience.

My dad, a 30+ year salesman, is the king of memorable sayings and his quote for this one is: 

The day before, go next door!

What he means by this is that before he talks to a prospective customer, he gets to know them. He does this in a variety of ways, including asking others (i.e., "going next door") to find out what's important to them.

So before you dig in to Lightning components, page layouts, and field sets, get to know your audience.

Are they early or late adopters of technology? Do they keep a written to do list or utilize Salesforce or another tool to manage their tasks? How many minutes a day do they spend in the system? What are their key tasks? Where does their gaze naturally fall on a page?

Getting to know your users is fundamental in User Experience.

Your ultimate goal is to create a useful system, not just a useable one.  

If you don't understand your audience, you may wind up with a UI YOU think is useful, but your end users may hate because it requires more clicks than they are accustomed to.

Take the time to get to know your audience.