Two Minute Tip: What Can I Quit?

Welcome to post two in our #TwoMinuteTip series on UX! 

Today's tip is to consider what users can quit doing.

Yep, you read that right! 

In many Salesforce implementations, the focus tends to be on new features, expanded functionality, and enhancements. But one of the tips to user experience I hold most dear is designing your UI in a way that users can actually quit doing something -- bonus points if it is something they perceive as duplicative or a waste of time. 

Chances are your users aren't all that thrilled about learning one more new thing, adding one more new process to their day-to-day routine. If you can replace something they were doing with a new process, though, they are more likely to try! 

In an implementation we did for a domestic violence shelter, their data model was to set up a Contact for the victim and the perpetrator. It was then an extra step to link them together via Relationships. As part of their UX we created a Flow that would allow them to enter the name of the victim, the name of the perpetrator, the relationship between the two, and then Salesforce would automagically create the Contact records AND the Relationship. Steps reduced. BAM! 

What are your examples of improving UX by allowing users to quit something?