A Day in the Life of Salesforce World Tour, Barss-Style

Today I’m headed to Salesforce World Tour. That’s what they call it when the Foundation packs up their staff, their cool stuff, and lots of swag and brings it close to you -- give or take 500 miles. My 500 miles include a train ride from the Shenandoah Valley into DC, a great trip with lots of sights. When I arrive at the Washington Convention Center, there’s a party-flavored feel; more muted than Dreamforce but complete with DJs spinning beats. I’ve got my choice of lots of different places to graze and learn more about Salesforce. The definite highlights of my trip are:

  1. The Expo: Got a question about an App or a particular aspect of Salesforce functionality? Come see these guys. You can ask them just about any question you have about their system. If they can’t help you, chances are there’s an App that can.
  2. 2. Girlforce Represent! Feeling a little lonely but know how to hashtag? Send out some #IHeartGirlforce hashtags. Before long you’ve got friends in all sorts of places! I particularly enjoy talking shop and helping nonprofits with Annie Shek-Mason. Always fun to learn about another person’s journey into the Salesforce world.
  3. The Power of Us Party: Beers, snacks, and nonprofit aficionados: what could be better? This is new to DC this year. It’s a great place to meet some legendary PUB Admins and Developers in the flesh. To me, who spends plenty of time in the PUB, it feels like coming home.
  4. The People: The highlight of the highlights is a 20 minute session I carve out with a few Foundation- and Nonprofit-loving Developers. It’s Joni Martin’s birthday (#IHeartGirlforce!) and I can’t resist the chance to celebrate one of my favorite teammates in a special way. We record Happy Birthday messages for her that will make her day.

And when you get down to it, that’s what makes being part of the Salesforce Foundation community so great; the people. The chance to connect with people doing work that matters around the amazing cluster of functionality we call Salesforce. That’s what World Tour is all about and it’s why I feel honored to be part of this community.