A Trip to Boston's Nonprofit User Group

Started by Marc Baizman early-on in the Salesforce for Nonprofits days, the Boston Nonprofit User Group (NPUG) has grown to a healthy size. Its membership is diverse, including developers, end users, executives, Foundation partners, and college students in its ranks.

While spending some time in New England, I jumped over to the incredible city of Boston for some networking. I met a number of local Nonprofit leaders and got to play Trailhead Jeopardy. (Trailhead is a great learning tool for Salesforce users working on certifications.)

After the organized part of the meeting, I had the chance to sit down with Marc Baizman himself, currently a Customer Success Director at the Foundation. Suzanne Veiga, THE Salesforce Foundation’s System Administrator, also joined us. Not only did they let me interrogate them about their roles within the Foundation, they asked questions of their own. They wanted to know how they could best support Now IT Matters as a Foundation Partner helping nonprofits do More Good Better. It was great to hear from them what it’s like to work for Salesforce and how supporting nonprofits is integral to what they do.

Nonprofit User Groups are great ways to connect with other nonprofits in your area and to touch base with some Foundation folks too. We hope to see you there next time!