AstroTurf and User Adoption: How to make Dreamforce a Cohesive Experience

"They transformed Yerba Buena into Dreampark! There's AstroTurf everywhere! Salesforce isn't going to just disappear overnight." 
      When I attended my first Dreamforce in 2012, I had only been using Salesforce for a few months. Despite a killer reputation and the assurance of my new employer, I needed to see for myself that Salesforce had staying power.
      As I explained to my partner, thousands of people, hundreds of sessions, dozens of new friends and colleagues all had their part to play, but, it was the AstroTurf that convinced me.
      All jesting aside, after Dreamforce 2012, I never questioned the success of Salesforce as a platform. What I did question, was my place in the ecosystem.
      As Director of Operations for Now IT Matters, I wear numerous hats -- Admin, Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Solution Designer, and Trainer. On any given day, I might be writing a Project Plan, browsing the Hub, training end Users, and running budget reports. These roles have provided ample challenge and opportunity for professional development. For instance, I am sure I would not hold three Salesforce certifications today were it not for my experience at NiM! And likewise, this versatility has better prepared me for better serving our clients.
      Loving the variety, when attending Dreamforce previously, I filled Agenda Builder and filled my plate with a smorgasbord of sessions -- I wanted to soak up as much knowledge as I possibly could on as many topics as possible! This year, though, I had a different approach.
      While I was certainly excited to attend sessions filled with amazing content (#AwesomeAdmin, anyone?), I followed the advice of fellow Girlforcers and allowed myself to focus on one thing I was most interested in. Ah, but what to pick?
      In reflecting on what I love most about my job, there was one common theme: user adoption and customer success. I love the "a-ha" moments and bursts of joy when data model puzzle pieces begin fitting together. So this Dreamforce, every session I attended focused on customer success. My schedule was still full, but the days felt much more cohesive and fueled my passion!
      I came away from Dreamforce '15 with renewed vision for improving user adoption amongst our clients and increasing client success. I may not be able to roll out AstroTurf carpets at Go Live, but I'm looking forward to supporting successful Salesforce implementations for years to come!