Cloud TnT: That Much Better for Someone Else: Nick Lindberg


A PODCAST FOR NONPROFITS USING SALESFORCE. With Tim Lockie, Tracy Kronzak, and Joni Martin.

A more humorous review of Dreamforce 16 recorded BEFORE Dreamforce – yeah, we’re that good. And we also talk to MVP Nick Lindberg about service, friendship, and the Good Old Days of Salesforcelandia. A heartwarming story of family and community ensues. 


That Much Better for Someone Else: Nick Lindberg



#LevelUp with the Salesforce Community

How One DevAdmin #LeveledUp at Dreamforce


More than one person has described Dreamforce to me as going to Summer camp, where you get to reunite with all the friends you haven’t seen for the past year. While this might not be the best way to convince your boss to let you attend this conference-to-end-all-conferences, it does highlight one of the most valuable products Salesforce has to offer: the community.

Yes, the hands-on-training sessions are great learning tools, and the keynotes are always an exciting look at what’s coming up in future product releases. But when you’re back at your office, sitting in front of your computer, baffled by the Process Builder that keeps inexplicably failing, who’s going to help you?

Answer: all those friends you see every year at Dreamforce.

Whether you post your question in the Success Community, Developer Forum, Power of US Hub, or call in to one of the dozens of office hours hosted by Salesforce users like you, you have a wealth of access to people who’ve stared at that same Process Builder and want to help you be successful.

So go ahead, give us your toughest questions, your seemingly insurmountable Salesforce challenges. We’ve got a community of thousands that wants to help you #LevelUp.

How NiM #LeveledUp at Dreamforce

What we have Learned and how NiM #LeveledUp at Dreamforce '16


Dreamforce '12 was my first Dreamforce. My focus that week was on spending time with the NiM team, individual empowerment, and skills acquisition. In addition to meetings with my team, I had a long list of sessions to attend and I scurried all over campus to be sure I was at the "must do" events. By the third day, I had learned a ton, but I was WORN OUT! I had also missed a key opportunity to build community.

While Salesforce.org offers ways to build community online through the Power of Us Hub and the Success Community, Dreamforce just can't be beat for connecting in person. The connections I made at Dreamforce '15 provided a source of inspiration and encouragement that lasted the whole year!

For Dreamforce '16, my goal was simple: have five meaningful conversations.

Some of these conversations were with old friends, some with folks I knew from the Power of Us Hub but had never met in person, some with strangers. I find myself thinking daily about these conversations and how I can allow those conversations to take root and shape NiM -- and me -- this coming year.

Cloud TnT: Dreamforce 2016 and All The Things


A PODCAST FOR NONPROFITS USING SALESFORCE. With Tim Lockie, Tracy Kronzak, and Joni Martin.

One week after the week of Dreamforce 2016 ends, Cloud TnT reflects on our experiences and what's next. Lots of shout-outs to our friends and family, with thanks to our listeners and sponsors. 


Dreamforce 2016 and All The Things

Is it time to #LevelUp your Fundraising!?!

Justin Barss, NiM Director of Sales, spoke today at Dreamforce on using forecasting in Salesforce to #levelup your fundraising! Click here to learn how to #levelup fundraising for your nonprofit organization!

Now IT Matters is here to help your organization #LevelUp, reach out and we will get you in touch with Justin, (415) 690-8567. You may also want to set up forecasting for your nonprofit on your own by following the steps Justin outlined in his presentation. The presentation slides are available for download here. Full content courtesy of Tim Lockie.

Where in the world is NIM!?

Now IT Matters has been all over the country this summer! Justin Barss, our Director of Sales, took an epic road trip to visit nonprofits we work  with and our staff as he drove with his 4 kiddos and his wife from Virginia to Spokane Washington! He got to check in with Todd Hash in Kentucky, Warren Wade in Indiana, Angela Adams in Illinois, and Tim and Jenny Lockie and Renee Storm in Bozeman! With a trip total of ~6,000 miles, JB covered some ground! Check out some of the pics below!! BarssBozeman

JB World Tour lockies





Coming soon, you can find us here...

  • Tim Lockie is headed out to Hollywood Blvd and the great city of Los Angeles! And Noooo, it's not to get his own star there (although he totally deserves it!). He'll be there in the next couple of weeks to visit some of our LA clients. If' you'd like to get time on his calendar, be sure to let us know!!
  • Angela Adams, Justin Barss, and Joni Bryan will be at Midwest Dreamin' July 21-22 in Chicago at the Navy Pier. Woohoooo! We'd love to see anyone who plans to attend MW Dreamin', and it's not too late to REGISTER!!
  • And of course, some of our team members will be at DREAMFORCE 2016!!!!!!! We are STOKED about #DF16 this year, and about the headliner band, U2!!!!!!!!!!! With that, we're wishing you a fun time this July - here's hoping that you have a fun-filled, relaxing summer month! :) And in case you need a little inspiration for chillaxing and letting go this July (and to get you pumped about Dreamforce, here is some inspiration:

Nonprofit Geek Mecca 2014: Dreamforce

dreamforce2014-logoIn October, roughly 140,000 people will make the pilgrimage to San Francisco for Dreamforce where they will learn new ways to do more good (better) with technology! For one week every year, San Francisco is transformed into the Mecca of Geekery, and, although the majority of attendees fall more in the “geek” category than the “nonprofit” category, Social Good and Changing the World are common themes in all areas of Dreamforce. Last year, 20,000+ of the attendees were nonprofits and with ample opportunities to learn, grow and connect, it makes sense for nonprofits to attend. As a nonprofit, the Dreamforce experience will help you discover new tools and brush up on time-tested strategies with dynamic programming, case studies and leadership insights to keep you and your organization on point. You will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of your peers from nonprofits of all types and sizes, including foundations, charities, education, museums, associations and more! With dozens of classes and sessions aimed at nonprofits (and entire floor dedicated to all things nonprofit in the Foundation Zone) Dreamforce will inspire you, give you new ways of looking at challenges, educate you, and will connect you to thousands of other nonprofit geeks who share your passion for world change. Bonus: the Salesforce Foundation also offers a $799 discount for all nonprofits attending! …And just in case you’re still not convinced, here are my top three reasons to attend Dreamforce:

  • Networking. Where else can you go where you can sit down to have lunch with the Grameen Foundation and the Global Fund to discuss best fundraising strategies for the 21st century? Dreamforce gives you the unique opportunity to talk to other nonprofits looking for the best ways to use Salesforce for their organization, and access to worldwide nonprofit and NGO practitioners (like American Red Cross, Polaris Project, and IAVA!). Not only will you have the opportunity to find out how trendsetting orgs are using technology to do more good better, but you’ll have the chance to speak with these guys personally about how they are addressing the world’s issues beyond the data level!
  • Education. Hands on trainings, breakouts, sessions, spontaneous demonstrations – education is flying around you everywhere you go at Dreamforce. You can take back loads of information and resources to help your organization rise to new levels… and getting some solutions immediately? Priceless.
  • Vision. One of the best things about Dreamforce is understanding where your CRM is going and how the evolution affects your organizational impact. New solution sets and ever-increasing integrations and customizations mean your org has more reach than ever before. Going to Dreamforce gives you the vision for what your organization can do to leverage your resources to maximize impact.

We hope to see you there this year! If you’re planning on attending, please make sure to email us so we can set up a time to connect while we’re there! Register for Dreamforce 2014 here: http://www.salesforcefoundation.org/events/dreamforce/