Dreamforce 2015 Highlights: The Power of Us in Person

This year, for the first time, I’ve had the chance to spend solid time receiving and offering help through the Power of Us Hub (PUB) community. In case you’re not familiar with it, the Power of Us Hub is a free online community where anyone with a Salesforce login can interact about Salesforce - a place to get questions answered, help out someone else, and meet other people in the Salesforce world. It’s some of my favorite work. Contributing to this community in person at Dreamforce 2015 was a pretty awesome experience. Picture Apple’s GeniusBar - a place full of high tech, trendily dressed individuals - only you can just show up to the Dreamforce GeniusBar and get answers to your questions for free.

Caroline Renard, David Manelski, and other volunteers helped organize a tremendous offering of MVP, Foundation Partner, and Developer-level support to staff the Bar. I had the chance to swap solutions with other Developers, give feedback on different ways to think of functionality, and offer support and encouragement to some of the coolest nonprofits I've met yet.

I met a guy from Harvard who needed a 10 hour solution to a 50 hour problem and wanted to self-implement. Another young man had seven (yes, seven) different high-level technical questions and rolled out each one single-fire to myself and the other volunteers. This is the kind of work I love to do: helping folks that want the help, know they need to think through solutions and ideas carefully, and are willing to access you for tough answers. Doing all this in person made it that much more fun.

If you’re using Salesforce and need help in a similar fashion, check out the Power of Us Hub (at powerofus.force.com) today. You’ll get some valuable advice on how to approach your challenge. And the best part is - due to the incredible resources and generosity of consultants, Foundation staff, and other nonprofit Salesforce users - you’ll be working with people just like you and me who are finding ways to do More Good Better.

What more can I say? #CommunityMatters