Dreamforce Countdown - 5 days to lift off!

I hope you're gearing up for a great Dreamforce! As you consider your last minute packing list, here are some tips from our team of Dreamforce veterans:
  • Focus on relationships - Dreamforce is all about the connections, and connections expand our knowledge and resource base! Become an extrovert for a week and introduce yourself to folks you don't know, ask lots and lots of questions, listen to nonprofit stories, and make a bunch of new friends!
  • Build in downtime (and don't feel bad about it!): Dreamforce is a packed week with literally something to do from the moment you roll out of bed until the moment you close your weary eyes. Sessions are all day long every day. Take some time for yourself: sit on a bean bag in Yerba Buena, take a coffee break in a quiet corner by yourself, sleep in one morning! And... make sure to stay hydrated!!
  • Leave the laptop behind: If you must attend Dreamforce with a laptop, leave it in your hotel whenever possible. I can't overestimate the amount of walking involved in Dreamforce and that extra few pounds makes a difference. Lighten your backpack by only carrying the essentials (and leaving plenty of room for swag!). My must-haves in my backpack are:
    • Battery pack for my cell phone (I carry two, they weigh less than half a pound together.)
    • Sunglasses - Lots of walking between buildings means I need those shades!
    • Jacket - the meeting rooms get VERY COLD.
    • Notepad - I bring something to take notes on, the old fashioned way, to remind me to follow up on various things along the way
    • Cell phone - for the Dreamforce app, and for obvious reasons
    • Business cards - You're going to meet a lot of people! Pass out those cards!
    • Mints/Hard candy - I usually steal this from various vendors in the Cloud Expo or Foundation Zone, but it's always good to have a handful of mints (since you're meeting so many new BFFs here!)
    • Charger for your phone/i-pad - If you don't have a battery pack, bring your charger. The Dreamforce App kills my battery super quick, not to mention Groupme, Twitter, and my emails apps!
    • Power strip/Surge protector - There are mini surge protectors that are super small, cute and portable! Plugs are definitely in short supply so think about bringing your own!
  • Visit the Cloud Expo at least once - While it might be tempting to just stay in sessions all day every day, make time to go visit the Cloud Expo for swag, and to talk to others using Salesforce. It's also a great time to connect with partners and Salesforce folks!

The Now IT Matters team will be in the Foundation Zone on Tuesday and Thursday to meet up with our clients, and we would love to meet you there! If you're interested in getting together with us, please shoot me an email at joni@nowitmatters.com

Lastly, as you might know, I'm on the Leadership Team of an awesome group in the Power of Us Hub called Girlforce. It's a great organization to help women and transgender folks working with nonprofits and Salesforce to advance their careers and get support from an awesome community. We're having an awesome event on Wednesday morning that we would love to have you join! To access the event, you should join the Power of Us Hub! Here's a link: https://powerofus.force.com/publogin (just login from another tab when you're already logged in to Salesforce) and then join the group Girlforce.

Then you should register for the Girlforce event here. It's on Wednesday from 8-10am in a stunning location, with free shirts for all attendees, great networking, drinks, and we're giving away 20 Salesforce certification exams!

Happy Dreamforcing!!