Formulas Really Are Your Friends


Formulas Really Are Your Friends

Lately at NiM, we've been talking a lot about the difference between data and information.  Thinking back to college, in Database Management class we were having the same conversation.  What is data?  It could be a rudimentary as a series of ones and zeros.  What is information?  It's something from which you can draw a conclusion.  Let's go a step further.  Salesforce is a world-class tool for storing data.  However, it's capacity for providing useful information is also unsurpassed.  But just like the old saying, there is no free lunch.  It takes just a little bit of work to get that helpful information readily to your fingertips.  That's where formulas come in.

Back to data for a second.  Let's say you could easily print a report of all your contacts.  Then you could easily print a report of who your donors were last year.  You could compare each of these paper lists and then calculate what percent of your contacts made donations last year.  That's a good piece of information, but look at the process it required!  Instead, you could learn how to write a report to capture this information for you and give you the answer (information) at the touch of the button.  Now we're cooking with gas!

Are you convinced yet?  Open to learning some formulas?  It just so happens this was a hot topic recently at Southeast Dreamin'.  Our own Salesforce MVP, Michelle Regal, led a session on Formulas and it was captured for Youtube.  Check it out here!

Questions?  Wondering about all the potential information you could squeeze out of your Salesforce Instance?  Get in contact with us.  We love to strategize on how you could do more with what you already have.  Our company is called Now IT Matters.  Meaning, data is just data, until IT Matters.  We want that to be Now!  #moregoodbetter