If One Person Changes, It Was Worth It

     Days after returning from the NPSP Sprint in Seattle, Mike Gerholdt took some time out of his Salesforce Admin Evangelist work to talk with Cloud TNT.  For those of you who haven't met Mike (which actually includes me), you can view his AMAZING Admin Keynote here.
     Mike logged into Salesforce for the first time in August of 2005 and has become an incredible source of knowledge through his blog and podcast ButtonClick Admin.  While there are many highlights in the episode, hearing Mike's words about the power of content pointers - not just creators - was a good word.
     "At a party, you don't want everyone showing up with a bullhorn. Sometimes the best way to be part of the community is to remove bullhorns from two people and get them talking to each other."
     News updates include a quick rundown of the NPSP 2015 Seattle Sprint and some upcoming events.