Is a Digital Marketing Plan Essential for Nonprofits?

Do nonprofits miss opportunities because they assume digital marketing is non-essential? This question came up on Tuesday when I attended the Salesforce Essentials event at The Carlton in Indianapolis, a big event that included live demonstrations, refreshments, over an hour of keynote addresses and business leaders talking about how much the tool has helped them, and time for networking. Essentials was set up as a way to get information and resources into the hands of businesses interested in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The lack of nonprofits who came by our Indianapolis Nonprofit User Group booth got me thinking.

The basic message of the event included the importance of digital marketing. The statistic that stood out to me was that there are now more devices on the planet than people, and no one is expecting the trend to slow down soon. As the prevalence of the digital aspect of our lives increases, so do people’s expectations about how an organization interacts with them digitally.

As I listened to the speakers discuss the digital journey that for-profit businesses construct for their customers - how they use various points of contact from beginning to end and then use this data to build marketing tools - I couldn’t help but think that it’s no different in the nonprofit world. In a sense, your donors are your customers. You have to find what resonates with them and get them engaged in your work if you want to keep making a difference in the world.

The process of combing through the data, segmenting your donors, and creating emails for each segment can be automated with Marketing Cloud. Salesforce can take care of much of your donors' digital journey through engagement with your organization, freeing you up to do #MoreGoodBetter.