#LoveStories from 2015

It's 2016! Happy New Year! I hope you've sifted through your emails that piled up over the holidays, and you are as hopeful and optimistic about this year as we are at Now IT Matters. 2015 was an awesome year and we have to thank our clients, partners, Salesforce.org, and the incredible nonprofit Salesforce community for that! So THANK YOU!
Did you miss out on the awesome? No worries, I've made a snapshot of some of the cool things we got to be involved in, in 2015. Get ready to be #mindblown...
  • 2015 saw the launch of CloudTnT, a podcast project hosted by Tim Lockie of NiM and Tracy Kronzak of Brightstep Partners. Besides having a blast hanging out and talking tech, we had a bunch of impressive guests including...
  • Clients who are changing the world came through the doors and we got to partner to help some amazing folks accomplish their missions better, like Domestic Violence Crisis Center, where we have worked to help them more accurately track their program outcomes and prevent domestic abuse in North Dakota; The Miracle Foundation in Austin, TX, where we are able to be part of the work they are doing to insure that orphans in India have equal access to basic human rights; and working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving who do amazing work in addition to just being incredibly fun people.
  • User Groups and snowplows... Tim Lockie, our founder, has begun an active campaign for nonprofits in Montana and is now leading the Bozeman User Group. The response from our local Bozeman nonprofits has been overwhelming, and we look forward to exploding Salesforce all over the Montana scene!
  • I was lucky enough to be allowed to speak at a few different events this year, including the Community Leadership Summit and in the Foundation Zone about Authenticity and Community Building. It has been an honor to be heard and seen by my colleagues and clients in the Salesforce world.
  • Girlforce celebrated 2 years since I founded it in 2013. We have over 2000 nonprofit women in Girlforce today, and our study groups have continued to be a huge success! (In only 6 weeks, five Girlforce members will be Ethiopia-bound to do our first ever international pro-bono project! Check back in March to see the pictures and hear a recap!)
  • Justin Barss welcomed a new baby lumberjack into his family, and became a Community Hero in the Power of US Hub. He also rocked our Support Department when he took it over in early 2015, and our clients are consistently giving amazing feedback about the level of service and professionalism he's brought to our Support group.
  • Participating in the NPSP Sprint in Seattle was a great time for our team, both those who were present in person and those who helped virtually. We love NPSP and we're so thrilled to continue supporting its development.
  • EIGHT certifications were earned by members of our team! Congrats to Angela, Christine, Justin, Warren, and Tim for becoming (even more) certified!
  • We hired Todd Hash, and not just because he's a super-nerd with a voice that is a dead-ringer for Matthew McConaughey! He's bringing some mad skills to our team and we're glad to have him on-board!
  • I got to be part of 3 World Tour events, including the Dallas World Tour, where I was a guest on the awesome podcast Nerdforce, hosted by Nana Gregg and John Graf
  • We didn't do this, but we are super stoked about TRAILHEAD!! It might be the most awesome thing in 2015... and process builder. Not sure which is more cool.

Since the year is wrapped up, all that's left to say is THANK YOU for letting us be part of your #lovestories. You're changing the world, and we're honored to be part of that.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you guys in the coming year - here's to a brilliant year of connections, community, world-changing, and Salesforce! CHEERS!!