It's not a big deal, until it is.


Lately we have cause to keep coming back to this thought.  It often seems like things are going along just fine, until they aren't.  Have you or anyone in your organization ever said/done/thought one of the following? "I'll just make a quick spreadsheet"

"Let's give everyone the same level admin access"

"Our duplicates aren't causing that much of a problem, let's just leave them"

These are all examples of things that don't seem like a big deal, until they are.  Do you have an employee or volunteer who spends time each month cleaning up data, or reporting information by way of a spreadsheet?  Frankly, that's time that could be better spent.  Further, saving some time/headache in the beginning sometimes seems like a good idea, but then you end up on spreadsheet chaos land.  Recently, we were CCed on an email one of our clients shared with her contemporary at another branch, and this thought was articulated perfectly.


On behalf of our team, I wanted to share how the conversion to Salesforce helped drastically reduce the time we typically spend pulling together data for our various CDFI reports.  In the past John has had to manually build spreadsheets and sort them to find the different data that was requested, which could take weeks depending on the request.  This week, Sharon was able to build a report through Salesforce that pulled the much of the information needed in about an hour.  This is such a great resource!


Several weeks compared to an hour?  Let that soak in for a minute.

The effort to get started with Salesforce is big.  We get that.  Hiring an implementation partner to configure your free-to-nonprofit Salesforce instance is a commitment.  We understand.  But finding yourself in a "We didn't think this was a big deal" moment is something we all hope to avoid.

If you're considering Salesforce, we'd love to hear from you.  Our goal is to help non-profits do #moregoodbetter.