Oh, The Places NiM Goes!

Oh, the places NiM goes! Now IT Matters staff is on the move!

Last week, Joni Martin Bryan proudly represented Now IT Matters at the London NPSP Sprint! Look at this awesome bunch who gathered for the first EMEA Sprint!


(Photo Credit: Salesforce.org)

This week, she's in Amsterdam for the Salesforce.org Partners Boot Camp!


(Photo Credit: Jace Bryan)

Many thanks to Salesforce.org for organizing these wonderful, collaborative events. If you've not attended a sprint or Partner Boot Camp yet -- what are you waiting for? Check out Twitter for announcements from Salesforce.org regarding future sprints and events for Partners!

This Wednesday, Tim Lockie departs for India Dreamin'. Tim is honored to be a Star Speaker and will be presenting on the Nonprofit Success Pack. His session will include an overview of the package, explore what does (and doesn’t!) work with nonprofits, and provide next steps for Admins and Devs wanting to amplify their career with the NPSP.  This is the inaugural year for India Dreamin' and we are excited to see what transpires this year and in years to come.


Safe travels, Tim!