Salesforce Mobile Approvals - Approval Central App

Salesforce mobile approvals

Approvals are not available in Salesforce1 natively.  Enter Approval Central for Salesforce1, a free app simply that adds a tab to the Salesforce1 sidebar as its own tab.  For developer types, this package adds a single custom tab so it has no effect on code requirements.  It currently has a 5 star rating and is a product of Salesforce Labs, yet another way that Salesforce gives more value to its customers.

Note that in the future this may become standard functionality for Salesforce1, in which case it very simple to uninstall.

Approval Central For Salesforce1

Great for managers on the go, Approval Central puts all your pending approvals in one place inside the Salesforce1 mobile app, making business decisions a snap. All of the relevant information you need to make an approval decision is now one tap away.

  • Instant Visibility: Consolidated view of all pending approvals inside Salesforce1

  • Save Time: No more searching for approvals, they are all in one place

  • One Click Action: Make approval decisions on the go

Approval Central is perfect for executives with little time and managers on the go. By seeing all pending approvals in the left nav (aka Navigation Menu) of the Salesforce1 mobile app, business decisions are easy to prioritize and make on the go. Whether a big deal needs approval or a member of your team needs to schedule their time off, Approval Central consolidates all of your pending approvals into one place. And this works seamlessly across all Salesforce1 compatible devices including iOS and Android.

salesforce mobile approvals



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