Salesforce + Serendipity

     I don't believe in coincidence but I love serendipity!
     Finding hidden connections, stopping to notice moments when my interests and passions converge, near-miraculous events where place and time are both perfect -- love, love, love.
     Lately I've been encouraged by three beautiful examples of serendipity + Salesforce, leading me to feel I'm in just the right place at the right time, and I wanted to share these moments with you!
     When I was in high school, I started a student chapter of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). While the first couple of meetings were well-attended, eventually attendance dwindled and I closed the chapter feeling pretty discouraged. My desire to support the work of SADD and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) persisted, though I wasn't sure of the best way to personally contribute my time and effort.
     Fast forward to today - one of the clients I have the great privilege of working with at Now IT Matters is MADD! In working with the MADD staff I get to do what I love and support a cause I've believed in since I was 16 years old. I couldn't have planned that any better if I'd tried!
     My second moment of Salesforce + Serendipity also had its roots in something that has been close to my heart for a while. A few years ago, my friends and I hosted a gathering dedicated to building sustainable communities. Part of the weekend gathering included skill shares, where participants learned everything from drumming to nonviolent communication, from making natural cleaning supplies to raising chickens. I couldn't get enough! Sharing skills and information in a practical, accessible way is a core value of mine and fuels my passion for training and adoption today.
     Imagine my joy when Missy Longshore suggested Girlforce begin hosting skill shares. Yes, please! I've been working on this behind the scenes and am proud to say Girlforce will kick off skill shares in January 2016. Stay tune!
One last observation of serendipity + Salesforce. A little background first: I'm working towards my Master's degree and I'm currently enrolled in a course on spiritual direction and a course on conflict transformation. Conflict transformation skills I use all the time in my work at NiM. But spiritual direction? The link wasn't as readily apparent...
     Not long ago, as part of my coursework I read Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh. For years I’ve been inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings and the community of Plum Village, and I’ve made it my intention to practice mindfulness in my daily life. A recent Twitter post from Thich Nhat Hanh caught my attention because of an @mention to @benioff. The post issued a new 1-1-1 challenge given to Salesforce employees: challenge 1% of employees to do one thing at a time for one year. WOW! Now that's what I call serendipity!
     Even though I’m not a Salesforce employee, I decided to take this challenge to heart beginning November 1. Then I invited my friends and the Salesforce Power of Us Hub community to join in, too! As of today, we have over 70 participants in #Just1Thing! They’ve committed to doing one thing at a time and being fully present in their activities for a month. I'm so honored to facilitate the #Just1Thing community! 
     Want to join us on the #Just1Thing journey? Want to share about your moments of Salesforce + Serendipity? I’d love to hear! Find me on Twitter at AngAdams_.