Where in the world is NIM!?

Now IT Matters has been all over the country this summer! Justin Barss, our Director of Sales, took an epic road trip to visit nonprofits we work  with and our staff as he drove with his 4 kiddos and his wife from Virginia to Spokane Washington! He got to check in with Todd Hash in Kentucky, Warren Wade in Indiana, Angela Adams in Illinois, and Tim and Jenny Lockie and Renee Storm in Bozeman! With a trip total of ~6,000 miles, JB covered some ground! Check out some of the pics below!! BarssBozeman

JB World Tour lockies





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  • Tim Lockie is headed out to Hollywood Blvd and the great city of Los Angeles! And Noooo, it's not to get his own star there (although he totally deserves it!). He'll be there in the next couple of weeks to visit some of our LA clients. If' you'd like to get time on his calendar, be sure to let us know!!
  • Angela Adams, Justin Barss, and Joni Bryan will be at Midwest Dreamin' July 21-22 in Chicago at the Navy Pier. Woohoooo! We'd love to see anyone who plans to attend MW Dreamin', and it's not too late to REGISTER!!
  • And of course, some of our team members will be at DREAMFORCE 2016!!!!!!! We are STOKED about #DF16 this year, and about the headliner band, U2!!!!!!!!!!! With that, we're wishing you a fun time this July - here's hoping that you have a fun-filled, relaxing summer month! :) And in case you need a little inspiration for chillaxing and letting go this July (and to get you pumped about Dreamforce, here is some inspiration: