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Salesforce Spring '17 Release Overview

The Spring '17 Release empowers everyone to be their best with amazing new innovation for Einstein and Lightning built right into the Customer Success Platform. We want to make sure you're prepared to take full advantage of all the new features. Join our AMER Success Team for release highlights, use cases and best practices that will help you drive business value for your end users.

Cloud TnT: Being a Changemaker: Shonnah Hughes


A PODCAST FOR NONPROFITS USING SALESFORCE. With Tim Lockie, Tracy Kronzak, and Joni Martin.

Cloud TnT talks cherry pie, guinea pigs, NPSP Days, and Tim’s kids. And, much more substantively, race, gender, justice, the difference between being an ally and accomplice, and the world of technology with recent MVP Shonnah Hughes, including her Trailhead for All initiative. This one got out a bit late due to the recent election, but is perhaps now even that much more relevant. One of our recent favorite discussions, and something we hope has some wisdom and comfort in it right now. 

Being a Changemaker: Shonnah Hughes



Cloud TnT: Staff Favorite Episodes

cover170x170CLOUD TnT: A PODCAST FOR NONPROFITS USING SALESFORCE.With Tim Lockie, Tracy Kronzak, and Joni Martin.

Want more Cloud TnT?!? Catch up with some staff favorites from this year:




A Screwdriver and Lightning Boat: Steve Molis

A Very Special Cloud TnT with Salesforce superstar Steve Molis. Cloud TnT covers all kinds of ground, from answering questions and being of genuine service, to equality for all. Tracy fangirls out, and then cries (again). SteveMo chokes up. This is a golden recording, and there are no words for how much fun we had, just listen…



The Next Level: Adam Kramer

While Tim’s away, Cloud TnT is helmed by Joni and Tracy with a fantastic interview with #AwesomeAdmin and consultant extraordinaire, Don Draper. We mean, Adam Kramer. Topics include NPSP evangelism, the NPSP Advisory Board, and building on the NPSP as a technical and community tool, and taking it all to the next level. Does the NPSP have a new mascot? It just might…



maddYou Really Have to Solve the Problem: Chris Robinson


While Tracy is away, Joni and Tim continue Cloud TnT’s #AwesomeAdmin series. Mothers Against Drunk Driving uses Salesforce to help deliver its nationwide services, and Chris talks about his journey implementing, his organization’s work, creating buy-in, and how being a Salesforce administrator fits in to all of it.



Bringing Us Together: Bonny Hinners

A lively discussion with #AwesomeAdmin, User Group leader, and MVP Bonny Hinners all about how important the customer is to Salesforce, and the changing role of the Salesforce community. A great segue to Dreamforce and the newly-announced Nonprofit Success Pack, covering the Dreamforce keynote previews and the Boston NPSP Sprint. We’re super excited to be heading to Dreamforce this year!

Cloud TnT: That Much Better for Someone Else: Nick Lindberg


A PODCAST FOR NONPROFITS USING SALESFORCE. With Tim Lockie, Tracy Kronzak, and Joni Martin.

A more humorous review of Dreamforce 16 recorded BEFORE Dreamforce – yeah, we’re that good. And we also talk to MVP Nick Lindberg about service, friendship, and the Good Old Days of Salesforcelandia. A heartwarming story of family and community ensues. 


That Much Better for Someone Else: Nick Lindberg



Cloud TnT: Dreamforce 2016 and All The Things


A PODCAST FOR NONPROFITS USING SALESFORCE. With Tim Lockie, Tracy Kronzak, and Joni Martin.

One week after the week of Dreamforce 2016 ends, Cloud TnT reflects on our experiences and what's next. Lots of shout-outs to our friends and family, with thanks to our listeners and sponsors. 


Dreamforce 2016 and All The Things

6 Things We've Learned while #LevelingUp Now IT Matters

A few days ago, someone commented on the “great team” that Now IT Matters has assembled. We do have a great team - and I’m glad that’s apparent to onlookers!

What may not be as apparent is how much work has gone into getting buy-in from our team, then moving in the right direction. We don’t claim to have a prescription for every business, but here are six things that have worked for us in an effort to develop the right team and help them #LevelUp:

We hire people, not positions. We focus on bringing in the right people, then positioning them as we discover what they are passionate about. When I brought Angela onboard, we were looking for a senior developer. After talking with her we changed direction, as we thought she should be a long term hire. Of course, that’s not to say that we don’t have full-time positions or roles, we certainly do, but we first want to find the right people.

We find brilliant staff. It might sound cheesy or arrogant, but with a small team every player counts and every member has to hold their own.

I think of our company as a team of varsity players; a team made up of the people who did all the work in group projects. “Brilliant” doesn’t necessarily mean high IQ; it means strong performance in specific areas.

Our hiring philosophy doesn’t only apply to our consulting staff; it includes all staff. For instance, our finance staff started with no experience in bookkeeping, but now are experts.

We also don’t need our staff to be “brilliant” at everything. It became apparent in the early days of our company that I shouldn’t be a project manager (or a manager at all!). As a result, we gave that responsibility to Angela who is “brilliant” at running our circus. Other team members are equally “brilliant”; Justin is amazing at focusing on sustainable business processes. Warren is extraordinary at solving almost any problem. Todd takes the time needed to do things the right way each and every time. Michelle plows through new challenges, then accepts the next one with a smile. Jenny has the mind of a forensic tax accountant. And, Renee breathes energy into our daily routine - even on Mondays.

We have a two-week trial period when bringing on new staff to determine if we want to invite them to join our team. Why? Because we have a strong culture and we know it is not a good fit for everyone. If a potential staff person's brilliance doesn't align with what NiM needs—we do what we can to help them find another organization with a better fit for their skillset.

We challenge everyone, set goals, and check in regularly. The kind of staff who succeeds at Now IT Matters craves challenge. We expect Now IT Matters will be the most challenging environment our staff have ever encountered. The best professional development combines challenge and support, so people shouldn’t be miserable and overwhelmed. Instead, coaching and learning requires pushing people past their own comfort levels; a delicate balance between having a bootcamp and a resort.

Our staff has professional goals which are tracked in work.com, then reviewed quarterly.

As a small company one of our challenges has been to carve out the time for quarterly check-ins, but the team has worked together to keep us on track.

We developed the expectation that we are all trying to improve, so we submit feedback to one another in various ways to improve and we provide recognition when we see someone doing something well.

We value aptitude over experience. Most of our staff didn’t know how to use Salesforce when they started working at NiM, so we looked for signs of aptitude rather than experience. One of the ways we observe aptitude is to intentionally assign tasks without instructions, training or direction. On the one hand, this might seem unfair, but it’s realistic as the issues our clients present don’t come with documentation. We want the staff who ask for help AFTER they search Google, make a list of potential solutions, and make a solid effort. An answer earned after putting forth an effort is inspiring to staff; they retain it and find accomplishment in answering their own questions.

We see failure as an option and expect mistakes. Justin had been with us a few months when we assigned him to a project that was very challenging. We told him that it was his job to make sure it was successful and if he was running into trouble, then it was his job to reach out to me. I knew he had the aptitude to handle the project, but he didn’t know that. By the end of the project he was more confident, more competent, and respected our judgment on what he could do.

We are upfront with our clients when we want to use a project to develop staff. We often provide discounts to clients who agree to “test drive” professional development projects. During this project, it was important that Justin knew the client’s satisfaction and project success depended on his team effort. Success without an option of failure is imaginary and tastes bland.

This type of professional development only works in a culture where mistakes can be recognized, owned, and learned from. Recently Michelle Regal wrote about The Fine Art of Failing, after making a mistake for one of our clients. Her reaction to that mistake is why she is such a good fit at Now IT Matters. (Her post for NTEN, Failing Forward, is also worth checking out).

We develop our staff even if it means they will outgrow our company. This is the hard one: the big myth that keeps some cultures from investing in their own staff.

What happens if they leave? I get it. Attrition is expensive.

Leveling up staff feels like you are simply increasing their marketability. However, developing staff is one of the best defenses of attrition as staff are less likely to leave a company that is intentionally investing in them. That aside, there are other benefits as well: for one, it improves what we can deliver (as Zig Ziglar once said that “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them.”). Leveling up staff is part of our mission, it’s good for our staff, and it builds our reputation.

The last reason is very personal for me. It carries as much weight as any of the others: my best days at Now IT Matters are the ones where people grow. Whether it’s a client who wrote their first formula or a staff person who handled his/her first requirements gathering session, I’ve discovered that almost nothing brings me as much satisfaction as seeing people succeed in doing new things.

How about you? Has someone helped you #LevelUp?

Where in the world is NIM!?

Now IT Matters has been all over the country this summer! Justin Barss, our Director of Sales, took an epic road trip to visit nonprofits we work  with and our staff as he drove with his 4 kiddos and his wife from Virginia to Spokane Washington! He got to check in with Todd Hash in Kentucky, Warren Wade in Indiana, Angela Adams in Illinois, and Tim and Jenny Lockie and Renee Storm in Bozeman! With a trip total of ~6,000 miles, JB covered some ground! Check out some of the pics below!! BarssBozeman

JB World Tour lockies





Coming soon, you can find us here...

  • Tim Lockie is headed out to Hollywood Blvd and the great city of Los Angeles! And Noooo, it's not to get his own star there (although he totally deserves it!). He'll be there in the next couple of weeks to visit some of our LA clients. If' you'd like to get time on his calendar, be sure to let us know!!
  • Angela Adams, Justin Barss, and Joni Bryan will be at Midwest Dreamin' July 21-22 in Chicago at the Navy Pier. Woohoooo! We'd love to see anyone who plans to attend MW Dreamin', and it's not too late to REGISTER!!
  • And of course, some of our team members will be at DREAMFORCE 2016!!!!!!! We are STOKED about #DF16 this year, and about the headliner band, U2!!!!!!!!!!! With that, we're wishing you a fun time this July - here's hoping that you have a fun-filled, relaxing summer month! :) And in case you need a little inspiration for chillaxing and letting go this July (and to get you pumped about Dreamforce, here is some inspiration:

Now IT Matters has Moved!

The early morning breeze blows through the window and gently raises the curtain as another clear Montana summer day begin.  The eastern horizon lightens and the tranquil, seventy degree, perfectly still morning escorts the high staccato of song birds as they begin their morning search for the early worm.  Then, without warning comes a horrible burst of squawks and screeches; the morning call of a bird called "The Montana Frikin Magpie".

“CAHHH, CAHHH,” it screams at it’s neighbor.
“CAHHH, CAHHH,” the neighbor screams back.
"CAHHH, CAHHH," interrupts a brutish youngster on the adjacent branch.
“CAHHH, CAHHH,” shriek all the other magpies in the tree.
Back and forth, forth and back they yell their blood curdling insults at each other.  The white and black flying abomination, with it’s beady eyes, bad temper, thieving attitude and inconsiderate nature, begins each morning with a verbally abusive meditation.   The horrible birds are about the size of a crow, gather in gangs, leave their graffiti on our windshields, rob anything they can carry from our garbage can, and torture our dog by pretending they can't fly.  It’s illegal to kill Magpies so they are here to stay, and we are here to stay too, cause Magpies are pretty much the only bad thing about Montana.
When we moved to Bozeman last summer, there were misgivings about moving Now IT Matters to a state with more cows than people.  One client asked if there was internet and another asked if there was pavement.  There are both, we are glad to report, and indoor plumbing! We’ve ended up liking it so much (Montana, not the plumbing) that we are moving the Business too.  Our new business address is 323 Lindley Pl, Bozeman Mt, 59715  (here here is a vcard file.vcf).  Since this will really only affect where to send checks, Jenny will followup with your billing staff.  The Market Street address in San Francisco will work through August, so if you forget don't worry about it this month.  However, if you forget next month we'll ship a Magpie to your office.
Besides the address change, we wanted to let you know that this month we have brought on two new staff and are shuffling some roles around.  Most of these changes are internal, but one is client facing and we wanted to let you know that Jenny will be handing off billing and invoicing.  Jenny's incredible attention to detail and her ability to navigate the finances of NiM have been incredible gifts to our team and to our clients.  Fortunately, she is not leaving NiM, but will work fewer hours and is handing off billing to a new staff member named Hannah Searsy.

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class="" id="" animation_type="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_direction="left" hide_on_mobile="no" center_content="no" min_height="none"]


Salesforce Quotes - A Hidden Gem

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class="" id="" animation_type="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_direction="left" hide_on_mobile="no" center_content="no" min_height="none"] Source: http://bit.ly/1paWPim An opportunity often requires several iterations to close, and each of those iterations can involved different pricing structures.  Salesforce created Quotes as a way to manage these iterations, save them as PDF's and even email them to a contact.  The real beauty of quotes is that they copy the OLI's (opportunity line items) of the opportunity at creation and create Quote Line Items (derived from the Opportunity Line Items).  There are some custom apps available around this functionality.  Custom Quote Sync can be used to enhance the functionality and sync OLI's to QLI's as well as Opportunity custom fields and Quote custom fields.

As always, do the community a favor and review AppExchange apps!

Here's how Salesforce introduces quotes in the help text:

A quote is a record showing proposed prices for products and services. You create a quote from an opportunity and its products.

Each opportunity can have multiple associated quotes, and any one of them can be synced with the opportunity. When a quote and an opportunity are synced, any change to line items in the quote will sync with products on the opportunity, and vice versa.

When your quote is complete, you can generate a PDF and email it to your customer. Quote PDFs are based on templates. We offer a standard template, and you can also create your own.

This is also the only place that a PDF template can be created using the page layout editor.  It draws from Contact, Account, Opportunity, Quote, and can list Quote Line Items with the usual options of selecting which fields are used as columns.

Use cases: Invoices, Work Orders, Change Orders,  Estimates, Packing Lists

Anyone else use quotes?

Dive in Deeper: