Where's NiM?

Where in the world are NiM employees? Here are the best places to find us in the Force-o-sphere!

  • Girlforce - In case you didn't know already, Angela and Joni are founding members of Girlforce, which was started in 2013! Girlforce offers study groups for certification, mentoring circles for developing professional skills of nonprofit consultants, and a host of other activities including our yearly Dreamforce event, Skillshares Monthly, and coming in 2017, Girlforce Dreamin!! It's an exciting time to be a woman in technology! Join our active community in the hub, by visiting www.wearegirlforce.com
  • Tech Inclusion Conference - Joni recently attended the Tech Inclusion Conference in Austin. These conferences are centered around diversity and inclusion and best practices for technology companies. The conference features panels and keynotes around: LGBT Inclusion, Women in Tech, Veterans in Tech, and Minorities in Tech. They are held all over the country, so if you have the chance to attend one, go! Meet people! Learn new stuff! It was a lot of great information.
  • Community Led Salesforce Conferences - Angela recently spoke at Southeast Dreamin', in Atlanta. (Check out the blog post recap of her presentation!) Joni attended Tahoe Dreamin' and look for our staff at Midwest Dreamin' coming up in July at the Navy Pier in Chicago! We love our community and we love our community conferences - they are always a great place to go to learn, meet people and gain insight and knowledge on what others using Salesforce are doing to leverage technology for their organizations! Tune into your local User Group to find out about community conferences in your area!
  • Higher Ed Summit - Coming up next week, March 29-April 1, the Higher Ed Summit takes place in New Orleans this year! Joni will be in attendance and would love to connect if you're planning to attend!!
  • Apttus Accelerate - Coming up on April 12-14, the Apttus Accelerate conference opens at Pier 48 in San Francisco! The conference will be chock full of Salesforce MVPs and Apttus's charity chosen for this year is Girls Who Code! Joni will also be speaking on a panel on Thursday afternoon, and on Tuesday afternoon, there's a can't-miss Women in Technology reception! Be sure to register using the Girlforce discount code!!
  • Community Leadership Summit - Last year, Joni spoke at the CLS in Portland, Oregon, and this year the conference takes place in her home state! Check out the Community Leadership Summit if you're interested in learning more about how to increase community collaboration around technology and open source programs!

Whew! We've got a lot going on, but we're having a blast! Let us know if we missed anything, or if you want more info about anything - you can email Joni at jonimartin@Nowitmatters.com

Cloud TNT: One Database at a Time - David Habib

Just in time for the March 2016 San Francisco Nonprofit Starter Pack Sprint, product manager and developer extraordinaire, Dave Habib talks about how to build a product and how his contributions to the Salesforce for nonprofits community, Volunteers for Salesforce and Auctions for Salesforce, were developed. A pinnacle story of community contribution ensues, along with perhaps one of the best celebrity impressions we’ve ever heard. Joni tells everyone more about the Girlforce trip to Ethiopia, with a shout out to the work of previous Cloud TnT guest, Ben Beisswenger. [soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/253692461" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Southeast Dreamin' #LoveStories

Angela Adams, Operations Director at Now IT Matters, spoke at Southeast Dreamin' in Atlanta with Sarah Deutsch on March 10. It's pretty amazing to work on a team that is so gifted and passionate about community! Following are her reflections on the conference.

Last Wednesday, Sarah Deutsch and I were burning the midnight oil to finish slides for our SE Dreamin’ presentation. As we worked, we shared stories; at alternating points laughing and trying not to cry. Jen Wobser, who was gracious enough to put up with our late-night shenanigans, reflected “The best presentations are like conversations.” We decided to speak from the heart and share our tech #lovestories — bullet points be damned.
Early the next morning, Mary Scotton rocked SE Dreamin' with her keynote “Go To Coffee: the Power of Authentic Connections.” After a bit of karaoke and dancing, she spoke to us about the power of community and the need for face-to-face connection and she challenged us to personally face into the lack of inclusion in tech. She provided a perfect foundation for our talk later that afternoon on “Activating Your Community: Coding Love!” We couldn’t have planned it any better!
During our presentation, I shared my tech #lovestory: the tale of how my team at Now IT Matters and my sisters in Girlforce helped me succeed in my career and care for my family during a difficult time last year. Sarah shared her tech #lovestory of going from driving a forklift to being a Salesforce MVP and holding five — soon to be six! — Salesforce certifications, supported all the way by the Success Community and Girlforce.
Our #lovestories are stories of community, of family. Of vulnerability and authenticity. Of taking the risk to - gasp!- get to know people face-to-face and allowing them to support us. Our Salesforce career journeys, our tech #lovestories, are stories of #codinglove through community.  And we aren’t the only ones with stories like this! If you haven’t taken the chance to join the Success community or Power of Us Hub (for nonprofits). . . do it soon. Then get curious. Communicate. Share the real you. More than just offering an amazing platform, Salesforce is leading companies in #codinglove through the community.
Regional events like SE Dreamin' are a great venue to get to know fellow Admins, Developers, and Consultants face-to-face and learn their #lovestories. In my opinion, SE Dreamin' was a perfect combination of relevant sessions, networking opportunities, fun — hello, Apex and the Limits and Happy Hour! - and time for community building.
Next up, Midwest Dreamin' . . . I’ll see you there!

Upgrade to Epic! Upgrading the NPSP: Technical Best Practices

by Justin Barss Intro:

Let’s just say it out loud- the NPSP3 Converter Utility is the nicest thing we have seen this side of Mr. Belvedere.  It does all of the “heavy” lifting of moving your donor contacts out of old One-to-One Accounts and old Household objects and places them (and their Donations!) into the newly created Household Accounts.  That being said - it’s a power tool - and like any good power tool in your garage, or house - you need to adjust to it.  Take a peek at these reports below as a way to review and prepare your data in Salesforce to confirm you are ready to use that sweet Converter to power through your old One-to-One Accounts and move your Contacts and Donations into a sweetly unified Household Account.  

#SafeHarbor - all knowledge used to make this article was gathered from a point in time and Kevin Bromer’s Development Team sometimes fixes more things with the Utility than we can keep track of.  

The Converter is primarily using the Household object to reference all of these other objects / records.  So the only records it will evaluate are those connected directly/indirectly to a Household record.  

i.e. Contacts that are “in” a Household.  

Any Opportunities connected via Contact Role to a Contact in a Household

Any Opportunities connected via standard Opportunity_Account lookup field that is a one-to-one account connected to a Contact in a Household.

Run Before:

What:  Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Tasks owned by Inactive Users.  This will typically block the converter from completing if there are records that it is trying to edit that are owned by Inactive Users.  This means you’ll need to locate and take one of two actions:

  1. If you have additional Salesforce Licenses available - you may be able to “re-activate” those users - in Salesforce - as the simplest work around to this issue.  
  2. The other option is transferring these records from the Inactive Owner - to a current Active User.  You can do that via the Setup-->Mass Transfer Records option or by using a data tool like Apsona. 

Screenshot showing Oppts owned by Inactive Users.

1 What:  Opportunities without Contact Roles.  This is a useful report to run to check that the Donations/Opportunities you expect to see attributed to specific people / accounts have converted correctly.  


What:  Contacts without Households.  

If no household, will not convert.  The Household is the magical record that the converter uses to create the new Household Account.  Hence - if your Contacts don’t have the Household Lookup field populated, they are not “in” a Household, and will not be pulled out of their one-to-one accounts and placed in a newly created Household Account.  


Whew!  So you pulled an all nighter (hopefully not) but you did put in a fair amount of hours cleaning up odd records and are now on the other side of the conversion process.  You even ran the converter a few extra times to confirm that it correctly ran and adjusted all of the data in question.  Now its time to clean up your Salesforce data to get it in ship shape condition.  

Run After:  

What:  Cases attached to One-to-One Accounts

If using Cases in your instance, the Case would be directly related to the One-to-One Account for those Contacts.  The Conversion Utility does not move Cases - so after the Converter is completed, those cases still reference those One-to-One Accounts.  

Run this report to identify which case these are.  

Cases WITH Accounts WHERE Record Type = One-to-One Account.


(The easiest way I found to solve this was when there were Cases that had the Contact Name field updated.)  If you clear the value of the Account Name field to null, then the case references the Contact and uses the Account that that Contact is in and updates the field that way.  If you are using a data management tool like Apsona, I was able to run a filter view of these cases, bulk update them all so that Account Name equals null and the case-auto updated with the correct (newly created Account).  

What:  Oppts attached to One-to-One Accounts.  

This includes the same scenario as above- but with the understanding that some Opportunities may have not been captured and adjusted by the converter.  This may be because the Contact in the Contact Role didn’t have a Household, or there were two Primary Contact Roles on the Opportunity, or the Opportunity was directly linked to an orphaned One-to-One Account (the Donation was logged to a person’s One-to-One Account even after you moved the Contact to a different Account).

Run an Opportunities report where you are sorting on the Organization Record Type or _SYSTEM: AccountType field.  Use the filters in the screenshot as a tip and see if there are any Opportunities in your Org that did not get moved correctly.  


Bonus:  What:  Tasks, Events, Notes, Custom Objects you may be using connected to the Household or One-to-One Account object.  

If your staff (current or past) were relying on the Household custom object or the One-to-One Account to record specific records to it, you will want to be sure you move these records to the newly created Household Accounts.  

Cross Filter Report - any Tasks, Events, Notes, under Household.  

Cross Filter report - any Tasks, Events, Oppts under One-to-One Account