Jenny Lockie

Jenny Lockie   Director of Finance

Jenny Lockie

Director of Finance

Jenny Lockie is the Head of Finance for Now IT Matters and also oversees Human Resources.  Combined with her background in education, her passion for nonprofit advocacy makes her a powerful force on the NiM team.

After receiving a B.A. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley and a Master’s in Bilingual Education from San Francisco State University, Jenny began her career in education volunteering at a summer tutoring program for dyslexic children. From there, she served as a Spanish bilingual teacher for several years, Jenny decided to bring her professional expertise into the home by solely speaking Spanish to both of her children.

An avid reader, Jenny  has focused much of her time into instilling a love of literature in children. She has lead classes for and developed a curriculum for a nonprofit whose mission was to give at risk children a head start by encouraging mothers to read with them starting from infancy. Jenny also handled the finances for her church, an experience that gave her a breadth of vital experience before joining NiM as the resident banking guru.

When Jenny isn’t crunching numbers for NiM, she enjoys reading out loud to her children in Spanish, jogging, and taking walks with her family and dog.