Joni Bryan

Joni Bryan   Senior Consultant

Joni Bryan

Senior Consultant

Joni Bryan is committed to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations through technology. She considers herself a social impact storyteller, helping nonprofits tell their stories of empowerment, inspiration, and change through data.

Joni graduated with a B.S. in Human Services Leadership and Management with a specialization in Nonprofit Management from the University of North Texas. She has spent the past 20 years heavily involved in the nonprofit community, and this passion has defined her. Joni has helped to found two nonprofit organizations and is the founder of Girlforce.

After spending years in the social impact sector, Joni saw a great need in the realm of technology strategy and information management for nonprofit organizations. After reaching this realization, Joni shifted her focus from direct community service to efforts in building nonprofit infrastructure through leadership and technology. At Now IT Matters, Joni is a Senior Consultant, working with clients to strategically align their technology and processes with their organizational mission.

Joni lives in a multi-generational household in Corinth, Texas with her mother, her partner, three kids, and a dog. When she isn’t helping Now IT Matters’ nonprofits, Joni is passionate about making the world a better place through social justice and human rights activism. She is a frequent speaker and mobilizer for social justice causes she cares deeply about including: transgender, LGBTQ, and women’s rights; amplifying marginalized voices through storytelling; creating communities of change; and rising up against injustice and oppression.