Justin Barss

Justin Barss   Director of Sales

Justin Barss

Director of Sales

Justin’s initial start with the nonprofit world came from college forward into urban ministry.  He graduated from the country of Virginia Tech and stepped straight into a vibrant diverse culture in urban Wilmington, Delaware.  From working within a growing, high-relational urban ministry for the first three years out of college, then working at an urban YMCA in A/R, and then as a Membership Director for five years, he has had a great chance to learn how to develop programs and handle customers /members in diverse circumstances.  During the in-between times of different careers, he has done everything from cutting down trees to working with church planting efforts with a growing love for all things involving cities and diversity.

Justin first stumbled into Salesforce when he was hired to integrate and migrate a prior database and begin using it for Donations and Volunteers.  From that point forward, Salesforce became the easiest, most flexible way he could see organizations capturing results, measuring progress, sharing and collaborating, and especially developing and growing non-profits.  He began consulting with attorneys and for-profit firms, but found his real love was with those mission driven crazy folks that think they have a chance to change the world (in small and big ways) every day.

Justin recently moved back home to Staunton, Virginia with his wife and three kids and lots of mountains and trees when the lumberjack itch comes along. He is active in his local nonprofit community and is passionate to help people do good better however he can.