Senior Consulting

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A pilot wouldn’t step into a plane without a flight plan for the journey ahead, and we believe you should take the same approach to your technology investment. Now IT Matters’ discovery process begins with a half-day of Senior Consulting, during which we learn more about your organization, examine your current Salesforce instance, evaluate business processes, and identify “must have” needs. Following this session, we deliver our recommendations via our aptly named Flight Plan, a document that outlines different approaches and the estimated cost for each. After this initial discovery process, some clients choose to implement the Flight Plan completely on their own, some choose a hybrid model in which our Senior Consultants offer CIO-level strategy and architecture guidance and the client database administrator performs the configuration, and others choose to contract with Now IT Matters’ Operations team to perform the configuration, under the tutelage of a dedicated Senior Consultant. Our Senior Consultants are also available for training engagements, onsite consultations, and business analysis. Click here to learn more about Senior Consulting.

Salesforce Implementation & Integration Services


Now IT Matters offers personalized Salesforce implementation services, tailoring the configuration to the needs of each client. We are experienced in implementing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Nonprofit Success Pack, online donation integrations, marketing automation integrations including Pardot, form integrations, email tracking, and much more. Declarative programming, a/k/a “Clicks not Code,” is our preference, but sometimes creating an efficient user experience or custom functionality requires custom code. Our team of experienced developers are proficient in VisualForce, Apex, and Java and consistently meet our high-standards for code coverage. Throughout a Now IT Matters’ project, your Now IT Matters Project Manager will keep you apprised of the project status through weekly calls and timely project updates. Our standard development process includes Sandbox configuration, beta testing and Sandbox configuration sign-off from the Client Lead, Sandbox migration, migration sign-off, and deployment support. Click here to learn more about how Now IT Matters Projects work. 

Data Services

Whether you are migrating your organization’s legacy data from a series of Excel spreadsheets or sunsetting a CRM like The Raiser’s Edge, eTapestry, FileMaker, or Microsoft Dynamics, you want a team of experts assisting you to prepare, import, and validate your data. At Now IT Matters, we’ve done enough of all three to know the typical challenges a data migration brings -- and how to plan for contingencies! We offer a range of data services including data extraction, data transformation, data cleansing, de-duplication, data importing, and data validation for clients engaged in an implementation project with Now IT Matters and will include our recommendations for data services in the Flight Plan. A sample import, full import, and delta import are customary for our data migrations, as is a comprehensive cycle of data validation internally and with our clients’ assistance. Click here for a client Success Story.

Managed Support Services


We recommend Managed Support Services, or Ongoing Support, for every Salesforce implementation project we complete. Managed Support allows you to rest assured you will have adequate assistance during your deployment phase, a critical time for user adoption. Typical Managed Support tasks include adjusting the user interface and security settings, adjusting data validation rules and automations, offering analytics support, providing adoption tips, and completing minor functionality enhancements. For clients who have not worked with Now IT Matters on a prior implementation project, we offer a hybrid package of Senior Consulting and Managed Support to reboot your organization’s use of Salesforce and adjust your configuration as needed. Click here for more information on Managed Support Services or click here for a client testimonial.