Jeremy Huddleston

Now IT Matters is handling our non-profit’s transition to Salesforce with the utmost professional and friendly service. Their staff is extremely patient and knowledgeable, and I feel we are in great hands. They answered all of our questions and helped us develop a staged plan to rollout Salesforce.
- Jeremy Huddleston, Rebuild Sudan

Kevin Brown

Now IT Matters developed a custom approval process for our staff budgets. We have staff in 25 countries, with many variables involved, so the process was quite complicated and needed a lot of customization. Tim Lockie and the Now IT Matters staff helped us define and clarify the budget outcome, and developed a clear way for us to get there. We were able to roll out the budgets successfully and on time. Now our budget process is much more efficient, allowing our staff to focus more of their energies on our mission.
- Kevin Brown, CRM

Rex Nickerson

We really love Salesforce but were stuck trying to move our data. We needed professional consulting services, but were afraid of getting over charged before getting the results we needed. The team from Now IT Matters turned out to be perfect for our small children’s charity. After the project was completed, they stuck with us to make sure we hit the ground running with our new Salesforce account. The team from Now IT Matters are experienced professionals with a heart. Wow.
- Rex Nickerson, Mid-Penninsula Boys & Girls Club

Carole Fong

This project was challenging at the onset. It became near impossible soon thereafter. They could have dropped us like a hot rock, but they stuck with us and they pulled it off. We can’t thank them enough. I can’t pay their invoices fast enough. We are so grateful.
- Carole Fong, Third Box

Joyce Ibarra

I really appreciated how accessible the team was. They were patient, answered my many questions, and were willing to address and tweak items throughout the project. I feel that the final deliverable is easy-to-use, meets the original goal I had intended, and implements features I wouldn’t have though of on my own.
- Joyce Ibarra, JLI Consulting

Allie Harding

Now IT Matters has been a strong and effective partner for helping non-profits design, configure, and implement Salesforce. They are skilled at helping non-profits with everything from defining and scoping user needs all the way through to implementation and user adoption. I’ve worked with Tim and his staff for several years on multiple projects and always found NiM to be professional, cost-effective, and knowledgable…they are our “go to” team for everything Salesforce related!
- Allie Harding, Orange Kiwi Consulting

Carole Fong

They continue to surprise me with their integrity, knowledge, expertise, professionalism, commitment to the highest quality service and ability to deliver; all under incredibly challenging circumstances. When we are done with this entire project, Tim and his crew at Now IT Matters will have some major bragging rights.
- Carole Fong, Third Box

Janell Anema

It was a pleasure working alongside a team that was invested in the product as they were in my ability to use it. I have been set up for success because of the work that Now IT Matters did to ensure that I have the system that frees me up to do the job I’ve dreamed of doing. I couldn’t be more satisfied.
- Janell Anema, The Simple Way